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In January 2010 a new dive resort owned by Ralf Jockel opened in the south of the Philippines on the Island Leyte: the Pintuyan Dive Resort.  If you enjoy diving and are looking for quietness and relaxation then the Pintuyan Dive Resort is your place.  Our diversified dive sites are ideal for beginners. But no worries advanced and professional divers will not be disappointed either.

Ralf Jockel Diving Instructor
Ralf Jockel
Diving Instructor

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The big fishes

Dive with whale sharks – once in your lifetime?

One of our dive – highlights lays in a strait close by. Whale sharks often enjoy this strait and like to travel along the coast of Leyte.  By doing so this giant of the seas is regularly passing by our doorstep – the Pintuyan Dive Resort house reef.

The macro paradise

Frog fishes, ghostpipefish, mimic – octopus, pygmy – seahorses and fancy nudibranches, these are just some of the bizarre creatures, seldom to be found elsewhere, that can be discovered at our dive sites. Here you will find a big variety of these creatures on a daily basis!

Curious? Stay tuned and keep an permanent eye on our website.  Or even better: don’t waste anymore time and enjoy directly an unforgettable vacation at Pintuyan Dive Resort.

We love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment on the page, use our contact form or contact us via email or phone.

Yours Ralf Jockel and the Pintuyan Dive Resort team


Protection of the ocean concerns everyone. Hence we recommend the following link:

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Sea Shepherd Deutschland




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