Restaurant / Kitchen /Bar

The Pintuyan Dive Resort restaurant is generously built, offering an indoor space of 135sqm including the bar.  So anyone will find a place which suites him. Additionally an outdoor terrace of 100sqm lets you enjoy sitting in the open.

Surely the nicest restaurant is nothing without good meals. Our kitchen is cooking a mix of Filipino, Asian and International.  Setting value on resh vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry and pork. Living in an asian country a lot of rice is standard. The most important cooking utensil is the wok. In the Philippines almost everything is cooked with the wok.

No worries if you are vegetarian we have plenty of vegetable.  In our restaurant we are serving three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In the afternoon you can savor coffee and cake. Still hungry? We are happy to serve a snack in between.

Rememer the bar! We serve fresh smoothies, cocktails with or without alcohol, water, beer and soft drinks.  At nighttime the bar closes when the last guest goes to bed.

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